Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yep, that's me!


For Spring Break, we always go to Utah for a ski vacation. Well, the first day we decided to board because...well, just because. Sadly, Greg was a little weary of his recently replaced ACL, so he decided not to jump. Or do trees. Or go down moguls. So, he pulled out the camera (which we almost NEVER do.) Don't ask me how, but somehow he got this picture of me jumping. It made us laugh so hard when we saw it. First of all, I've never seen myself jump...the arm straight up in the air, the little frontside grab, my jacket matches the's just too much. This one is even better:


That's me coming down from a backscratcher. Which is really a "backside" scratcher since you physically can't reach your back with a snowboard. It's more like a hiney kicker, I like that, hiney kicker can be it's new name. Do you like the arms straight up in the air? I look like I'm doing a hail mary! My board matches my outfit. Yesssss! That only happened because it was so HOT that I wasn't wearing a jacket. Yes I said HOT, it was stinkin' ARIZONA hot, (IN UTAH!) You know, I'm sure this jump was more attractive at the peak of the hiney kicker. Yeah, I'm gonna go with that.


Me coming out of the trees. I think Greg was bored of waiting for me so he pulled out the camera. What can I say? Those trees are treacherous...I was a little slow.

We skiied a couple times (no pictures) then got back on our boards. By then, Greg was ready to play!


Of COURSE, Greg is a better jumper than me. Too bad he's also a better photographer!

(Tree Hugger...)

We did catch up with the kids for a few minutes.

First time for Dax! He did awesome. Almost no crying. Almost. That might be a lie, I'd have to ask his instructor -- but he did say he loved it!

Kylee and Kinsey weren't very good about waiting for pictures so we had to catch them on the lift!

A little family pileup...this might be why we we don't ski with the kids all day. I have friends that ski with their kids all day. Maybe someday we'll be that old...maybe next year. Maybe not.

A common sight: Kinsey in front, Sadie following on her trail.

Then of course there's LUNCH. One of the best parts of skiing! Hot Chili in a bread bowl with tons of cheese. And a Diet Coke. Mmmhmmmm, even the wipeouts are worth it.

I don't even want to KNOW how much money these represent...and this isn't even half of them. I close my eyes when I pay the credit card bill.

Our BFF's Heather and Kurt Christensen went up to Brighton with us one day. One of these days they're going to figure out how to go up to Brighton with us EVERY day. I mean, come on LIVE there! Snow! Mountain! Wasted...


Of course, this is what my Mom was doing while we were partying on the mountain...(no that's not my tiny's Cassie's. She won't let me have her.)

Addie liked to "help" my mom with her puzzle by sticking random pieces together in random places. After a few days of this, my mom took her to Walmart and bought her a Diego puzzle of her very own. See her working on it right next to my Mom? Cutest thing ever.

I love my Mom, she's the BEST. Thanks Mom!

This is the puzzle in it's completed form. It was HARD. Took us a long time.

One final picture to leave you with. See, Kylee and I usually have a hundred layers tucked into our ski pants. But it was so warm...we had no layers. Just baggy, saggy ski pant. We were tugging at them all day mother like daughter!