Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Swamp

Say what you will about my Scary House, but I'll bet your kids don't come home to DUCKS swimming in the front yard!

Oh yes, those are bunny slippers...

A precious, precious feather. She tried to "fix" it (it had a piece sticking out) and pulled it all to peices.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine

Nothing like seeing these sweet little hearts on your tough boys. They only tolerated these pictures so that they could go tear into that bag of valentines that is stapled shut (smart teacher)...2 seconds later candy was strewn all over my green linoleum. And abandoned. I know, abandon candy? I don't get it either.

THIS is how girls do an ASU game

I thought I'd throw this in because I love it -- Greg decided last minute to take the kids to an ASU basketball game rather than let the tickets go to waste. Little did he now that he would be LATE to the game because they had to get READY first. Oh yah, the important things...even Dax had to get in on the action. I wish I had a close-up of the face paint and the hair-do's!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ha ha and sniffing glue

Okay, I made a rule that Kinsey can only text "ha ha" 5 times a day. What a stupid rule, you say? How mean, you think? Have you ever read 3,000 texts that begin and end with ha ha? Sometimes it is hahahahahahahahahah with a j/k thrown in for good measure. If I limit Kinsey's usage, I only have to read the 1,500 texts from her friends that begin and end with ha ha. Enough torture.

Sniffing glue. Does anyone even DO that anymore? Yep. Kinsey. Here's a convo from her cell:

Is your headache gone? haha lol
hahaha sorta i took a nap when I went home tho!~ hahaha how is your headache??
lol it's gone
yeah! haha i never want to do that again. haha that was fuunny.
lol me neither but it just smelled so good! haha
haha yeahh why do the stuff that smells good have to make you get high?? (WHAT?! HIGH?!!)
lol seriously
haha but the glue was fun too. haha (yeah, I lost the train there too...)
ya haha so wat are you doin?
jamin out in the car with my sister! haha
haha where are you going?
haha to macaroni grill with for my dad's birthday haha ttyl

How was macaroni grill?
yummmmmy hahahaha
lol thats good! I sneezed and my headache came back
ut oh ha ha i think your snezzing out all the sharpee haha
lol i didn't even smell the sharpie! It was just the glue!
haha oh well maybe the glue is coming back haha
hahahahaha maybe....
haha yeahhh..i wonder what the blue sparkly glue is like?
There's sparkly glue?! (too excited for the extra haha's??!)
ohh yeahh!!!!! you didn't know that! haha
haha no!!!
hahaha ill toattly bring it tomarow but we can't sniff it.

This is an exact transcript. Yes it is. Keep in mind that my brain-child is trying to eliminate all the haha's and replace them with lol because I haven't limited that word yet. Her success in this is staggering, no? (The Parenthesis are my addition if you didn't figure that out.) Think they learned their lesson about the glue sniffing? I think I will explain to her that glue sniffing kills brain cells...that's why you get a headache. And I'm NOT going to pick you up from school if you sniff glue until you have a headache!! (yes, she asked - at the time I didn't know the origin of the headache. I told her to go get a tylenol from the nurse but it was unnecessary because she had a miraculous recovery. The other kid went home to recover "haha") You don't read your kids texts? Really?!

Most Outstanding!

The 7th Grade Cheer Season is over. Short? Yes. They had their little award ceremony and look what Kinsey came home with! No, they didn't all get one. There were two "Hurricane" Awards and ONE "Most Outstanding" -- We are so proud of this little bobblehead trophy.

Most girls make cheer and cannot wait to wear their uniforms. Not this girl. She did not love this uniform. She could not BELIEVE that they had to wear it to school on game day. What? (I asked her) the mock-neck bodysuit isn't comfortable?! Whatev.

While I'm bragging...the girls all had to make up a cheer for tryouts and they all liked Kinsey's so much that they used it at the games! You'll love this...

We are the Hurricanes
Watch us Spin.
Don't turn your back on us cuz we're gonna win!
Not just by a little,
We won't just squeeze by,
We're big, we're buff,
We're mean and tuff.
We're Highland Junior High!

I admit it, I helped her a little. I might have a recording of it but I don't know how to post it. She also made up a dance for half-time that they did at the championship game. It was cute even though they hadn't practiced it with the music and half of them had their timing off a little...but oh well, it's the 7th grade cheer team for pete's sake! Point is, Kinsey made up a dance and taught it to everyone! Woo hoo! I LOVE this girl.

Baby in the Closet

When Cassie was visiting, I put her in Addie's luxury suite. So, Addie got relegated to the porta-crib in my closet. Wouldn't you know it, the day after Cassie left (when Addie was back in her own bed) I walked in my closet to find this...Baby Lilly in her very own porta-crib. Book, paci, and toy dog - ready for bed. Oh, I will miss this when my babies grow up!

Do you like my Scary house closet? Yes, it really is as narrow as it looks. BARELY fits a porta-crib. Thank the heavens for that!

Cassie's having a Pink Baby!

My sister Cassie is being induced today! Woo hoo! Too bad she's in Utah... Well, of course I have to send something up for her. Something the baby will NEED. No not diapers, burp cloths, clothes, bottles, pacifiers...I'm talking about real, true NEED. Yep, the shiny stuff -- the good stuff.

Aren't they cute? They are so tiny, they look like little RINGS. This is my jewelry BOX. It bugs me that my little jewelry organizers aren't fitted into a big organizer complete with printed label, but they fit so well in this cardboard box that I haven't bothered with it. If any of you have a good idea for an organizer, PLEASE send it along.

Greg loves it when I get my jewelry stuff out. It takes up the whole kitchen table and if he's lucky, it's just for one day. I didn't take a picture, it was too big of a disaster. Next time!

I made this dragonfly necklace while I had my stuff out...isn't it cool? My MIL brought me the dragonfly from Hong Kong and I KNEW it wanted to be on a long pearl and crystal strand. It just took me awhile to get it there. It's kind of hard to see because I hung it on my lovely Valentine decoration. I know, you only WISH you could have a dragonfly necklace like mine!