Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beach House 2011

Most of you know that for one month out of the year, we rent a beach house in Oceanside. We are on our 5th year doing this and I LOVE it. It's the next best thing to living in California permanently. The crazy thing is, I generally rent it for the month of May - when the kids are still in school. How do I do it? I take the elementary school age kids out. I generally don't think they miss much in the last month of school and if there is something important they need to go back for, I'll get them there. Their teachers are pretty understanding and I do homework with them in California. This year, I wasn't very happy with their school so I withdrew them and signed them up for homeschooling. I know...cheating. But it works. The older kids can't miss that much school so they just come on the weekends with Greg. They miss a Friday here or there and sometimes a Monday. Luckily they have good grades and it all works out. Here are a few pictures from the beach house. The weather was amazingly great, all except for a few days when Nicole came to visit. Sorry Nik.

This is my favorite view, as you drive down the street towards the beach house. This is on a pedestrian bridge over the street.
This is the view from the back balcony. Love it.

When we went for a Sunday walk, Addie ran almost the whole way. We ended up at the "river" between Oceanside and Carlsbad. It's about .75 miles from our house.

Sitting on the balcony. The whole fam. Saydie, Addie, Kinsey, Kylee, and Dax.

No matter what we're doing...Addie wants to watch the sun go down. It's so pretty.

Saydie and Addie are both little ocean fish. They will swim and play in the waves without caring if it tosses them around and almost drowns them - or if it's freezing cold.

How is this for a view. I wish I could take it home with me. Yes, I brought my's a month!

I usually bring a lot of projects to work on while I'm here. However, this year I had a bunch of visitors, and I also had a lot of work to do on my computer so there isn't much to show for my time - but there also isn't a huge mess on that table like there usually is! I FINALLY finished blogging about last years trip to Guatemala and while I did it, I realized that I really don't like blogging. In fact, I hate it. Maybe if I keep doing it, I'll learn to like it...