Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweet Diggs...

Yes, we were in Utah for Spring Break. With the rest of the mormon exodus from Arizona. EVERY year, we do a ski vacation to Utah. EVERY year, we stay in the cutest little cabin in Brighton. It's an OLD A-frame cottage right at the base of the resort. We love, love, love it.

Man oh man, I'm sad just looking at it. Sad? Yes, because they SOLD IT!


Check out this snow. (LAST YEAR)

This is out in front of the cabin last year.

Yes, that's Greg. Brilliant idea huh? Good way to tear your ACL?...

Who are these OLD people??? WHEN did that HAPPEN?

So this year, we stayed in a cabin at Sundance. We've never stayed there before, and our friends, Mike and Charlene Ford, let us stay there for a steal. The cabin was huge. I wish I had taken pictures downstairs because it had big stand-up video games (MS. PACMAN!) and pool, and ping-pong, and double-hoop (or whatever it's called.) Major full-time entertainment! It was so much fun.

Perfect cabin scene. I love it.

But the snow? Not so much... It was hot and sunny, EVERY day. Well, every day but Sunday (isn't that usually the other way around?) So we went to Sundance and took pictures! Of course!

Sometimes Greg takes some weird pictures. What was he thinking with this one? I don't know, but I kind of like it. I love to hold this little girl's hand. I know my time is short, she's growing so fast! I still carry her around every chance I get.

I can't believe this beautiful girl is my daughter. I know she sort of looks like me now, but I didn't look a thing like this at her age!

Notice the lack of snow...

To find snow, we drove to Salt Lake every day. Deer Valley, Brighton and Solitude. Fodder for a new Post!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Saydie's dance group did a performance at Disneyland. I wanted to send Saydie with Joy and her family because they were doing the whole 3-day Disneyland extravaganza and I REALLY didn't want to do it. (we did a 7 day trip to Disneyworld a few years back and ever since...let's just say that Disneyland is NOT my happiest place on earth.) But I felt too guilty pawning Saydie off on Joy so I decided to hop on up there, just me, Dax and Saydie.

Guess what?...it was actually FUN! That is totally the way to do a theme park; just 2 measley kids, not too old for the classics (like Tarzan's tree house,)

and not too young for the bigger roller coasters (like Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad.)

We just wandered around without anyone spazzing out to get a zillion rides on their favorite roller coaster or freaking out because they didn't get minnie mouse ears (reference to Disneyworld trip.) We ate when we were hungry, shopped when we saw cute things in a store front...

It was pretty chill. And when you are buying things (like cotton candy) for 2 kids instead of FIVE...it feels downright CHEAP!

This is how Dax stands in line:

It only looks like he is sitting sedately on a rock...he's actually climbing all over it at a million miles an hour. I can't tell you how many times someone told him to get off something. Here's a video of Dax at full speed (on a surfboard in a little play area.)

Did I mention that I forgot to bring my camera? Yep, these pictures (and video) are courtesy of my cell phone. Pathetic, I know.

I'm just going to add this in there because it's funny. This is at Knott's Berry Farm over the summer. I told Dax that this roller coaster was "scary fun", not "scary scary" Watch his face, he starts saying "It's scary-scary! It's scary-scary!" so I tell him to close his eyes and he won't be scared.

Pay no attention to that crazy lady sitting next to him. I think it's one of my sisters...Yep, definitely one of my sisters.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I. Want. A. Newborn.

Crazy as it is, I going to have to join Shawni's club. At first I thought she was crazy, but when I went to disneyland this weekend with just my Saydie(8) and my Dax (5) I kept seeing these teeny tiny newborn babies...and I wanted to join that club. Bad. I wanted to have one of those things strapped to my chest, her little legs and arms flapping in the wind. I wanted to put her in the stroller and do laps around the roller coaster because she wouldn't sleep. I wanted to have to stop and sit in the shade to nurse her. I wanted to get out the bottle and talk the coffee guy into giving me hot water so I didn't have to get water out of the bathroom (gross) for her formula. I wanted to snuggle one of those things right up into my neck where they love to fall asleep and then wait for MY arms to fall asleep. I know it's hormonal and this feeling will pass, but for a minute there I really really really W.A.N.!

I have to keep telling myself, it's not my turn. I got to do all that good stuff, and I loved every minute of it (I think...) I KNOW I did with Addie. I knew I would never get those baby moments again, so I savored every second of every minute of every feeding and every rocking and every fussy, crying, throwing a fit yummy goodness. I still watch her and try to consciously burn her every cuteness into my memory so I don't forget it. Ever. Needless to say, Addie is horribly spoiled...I can't help it. I just wish I could reverse time to do THIS over again.

Not that I wouldn't miss these dance moves...

(Warning: This is Kinsey following Addie around with her PHONE VIDEO while Addie wanders aimlessly around the yard, dancing and singing a song she was making up as she went. It's a bit long and you can hear Kinsey snickering in the background, but I love the opening dance moves. A little bootie shake and a kick. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she gets those moves from her Dad...)